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Presidential Salute?

Our current CinC has taken a rash of crap on practically every issue imaginable, and deservedly so in most cases, but I've got to make note of something.

He's dramatically improved his salute.

My guess is, working around a bunch of Marines in the WH there is an example he's trying to follow.  I'd love to hear who has worked with him on rendering a proper salute.  His salute IS in a more Marine-style than Army ('official' Army salutes tilt the hand forward a tad, and slightly cup the palm) so that's why I'm guessing it's a Marine influence.

Recall some time ago when Blackfive himself wrote this article and posted this picture:

Obama render slalute 

Now, compare it to THIS one, from his visit at Dover:

Obama Dover salute

A SIGNIFICANT difference.  I've even noticed coming off of Marine One that his salutes are 'decently' rendered.  Which can be a trick for even lifers.  Heck, he even appears to have a Marine scowl going.  Could only be influenced by a senior enlisted type.

Now, to the question of whether or not the CinC should even render one- I completely side with the 'choice' crowd- he's the CinC, its up to him.  In fact, I feel its better that he DOES- whether or not he's ever served.  Now, if they want to make a distinction that only Presidents who've served in uniform should return salutes, ok, I get that.  But as in Reagan's day (and he's considered the first to do it) it's up to him.

Saluting is NOT political- its the military's version of a handshake and salutation.  Let's keep it that way...