Fort Hood Shooting - Aftermath
A warrior wades in

Of the Troops, For The Troops....

I work with quite of few former infantrymen, and I get quite a bit of crap from them.  Yesterday though, I only heard one thing from them as they watched the news coming from Fort Hood.

Thank God for the Military Police Corps...

There are going to be recognition of the heroes and inevitable recriminations from what happened at Fort Hood.  The US Army has some explaining to do in regard to how an animal like this was allowed to continue to serve after some of the things that are initially coming out about his religious beliefs, his speech and his internet traffic.  This was an attack on our country by a believer in a religion that believes we are at war with each other, despite our own protestations to the contrary.

As a member of the Military Police Corps, I am disappointed to hear that an outside agency was called in to set up sharpshooters and such.  Military Police have the ability through the deployment of our own SRT (usually one on every major post).  I know that Fort Hood had one at one time (my boss Capt. Jack was a sharpshooter on the team), but with the pace of deployments and the changing of how we source these things in the Army, there may not be one now.  I will continue to check on this before I shoot my mouth off however, as this story continues to develop.

Bottom line of rme is that we take care of our own.  

My prayers continue to go out to the families of the dead and wounded.  I continue to pray for the health and speedy recovery of the wounded.  And we should do what we can to help those in need there right now.

I will have much more to say on this very soon....