Radio w/ G. Gordon Liddy ref SEALs

My tirade against Allahpundit

I launched both barrels at Allahpundit from Hot Air yesterday about what I considered a sorry post accepting the idea that the SEALs charged with splitting the lip of a terrorist could be made an example of. I still believe that his post was far too casual and in agreement with the idea that a "wrist slap", which would end their careers, was appropriate. I do think, having had some time to cool off and think about it, that I didn't need to come down as hard as I did. I remain outraged by the fact that these SEALs are facing court martial and will continue to push against that. But I don't think it gains us much for me to be pummeling someone who I have far more in common with than not.

Hot Air is one of my favorite sites and I think does a great service to our cause. Allah can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but as I said we have plenty of common ground. I am a libertarian with no God in this fight and that is his basic stance as well. Over all I think he is an asset and treats most issues fairly. So I apologize to him for the overkill, my bad. But I also think he should take a look at how he discusses the difficulties are troops are facing and the reality that we have now stabbed them right in the front.

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