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Veterans Day - Part II - It's About The Living

How the New York Times does Veterans Day

I know you're not surprised.  I guess I still expect more from "professionals". For posterity, here's a screen shot of the NYTimes Veterans Day Section (archive):


On the right for web headlines about Veterans Day issues, the NYTimes lists:

    Michael Moore - This Just In
    GOP to send Veterans Day letter to Obama asking for troop increase to Afghanistan

    CNN Political Ticker
    Senator: 131,000 homeless vets a 'disgrace'

    Think Tank Round-Up: Obvious Benefits to the Economy Edition.

    Coal Front Group Hijacks Veterans, Dishonors Veterans' Day

    Five Student Veterans You Should Meet

I realize that it's pulling a feed.  But still, a little editing here?

When Michael Moore's voice counts on Veterans Day to veterans, that's the day I'll know this country is done.  But for now, it's the NYTimes has Moore for stories on vets.  And VetVoice, CNN, Moore, etc. are in the rotation.

Where the Hell is Mudville Gazette?  Where is the Castle Argghhh! ?  Where the freak is BouhammerSpouseBuzz? Villainous CompanyThe US Naval Institute?  I could go on all day.  Maybe we need to ensure we're added enmasse?

But that's not all...

Here is a list of their articles about Vets on Veterans Day which some seem more appropriate (at least a few of them):

Gridiron Gladiators: Block That Metaphor! - “Fox NFL Sunday,” which was broadcast from Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, glorified fake warriors and their game, and played to a crowd of real warriors locked in an eight-year-old conflict.

Back From War, but Not Really Home - A sense of dislocation has been shared by veterans returning from war since Homer conjured Odysseus’ inauspicious return some 2,800 years ago.

Bush Honors Veterans at the Intrepid - Bush receives praise for his leadership since 9/11.

Decades Later, Recognition of a Seaman’s Heroics - America may not make presidents of those who serve it in uniform, but it does try not to forget them.

Echo of a Distant War -To seek peace, to oppose war, to cherish memory is a way to honor veterans on this day of armistice, this Veterans Day.

A Holiday to End All Wars - For Americans, Veterans Day celebrates the survivors of all the nation’s 20th and 21st century wars. In France and Britain, by contrast, the mood is altogether more somber.

All in all, I'd give the NYTimes Veterans Day Section a D+.

Mike Royko's article about Veterans Day is the best I've ever read.  We republish it here every Veterans Day.  I'll be at work but I'll set it to post for you all tomorrow.

Pass the tequila.