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HD Camera shrinkage

I have been making videos for a while now and am constantly amazed at the progression of the technology. Here are three HD cameras in the order I got them.

Canon AH-X1- $3500

A pro quality rig with all the bells and whistles. JD Johannes was jealous when he saw it. 


Canon HF-100- $700

Still shoots full 1080i HD and records onto a flash card so no tapes needed. I can't see any difference in video quality from the pro rig. Also has an external mic jack so I get excellent sound.


Canon Powershot SD 780- $170

The latest toy. Records 720p HD and looks pretty darn good. No mic jack so the sound is less than stellar, but I can carry it everywhere. And it shoots 12 megapixel stills.


Here is a link to a video I shot with it posted over at Ace's place as it is kinda mean to our Narcissist in Chief.