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Fort Hood Shooting - Aftermath

Fort Hood Shootings

Update: has a  safe list when they are getting info on who is okay on Fort Hood.

Update:  FBI Counter Terror Unit now looking into it.

Gee, thanks, fellas.

Update:  Shooter was muslim convert in the Medical Corps.

Update:  FoxNews:  The FBI Ruled out terrorism


Update:  ABC News: Shooter: Major Malik Nadal Hasan 

Update:  LTG Cone briefs.  12 Dead.  31 wounded.  1 Shooter killed was a soldier.  the other two may be accomplices or shooters.  Weapons were handguns. 

UPDATE:  Wounded now at THIRTY.

UPDATE:  MSNBC has more info (emphasis is mine):

...Two suspects were captured and four swat officers were wounded, NBC News and KCEN, based in Waco, Texas, reported. The station had earlier said that one of the shooters had been holed up in a building on the base and had opened fire on SWAT team members. KCEN quoted a source as saying the shooter had a high-powered rifle.
A nurse at Metroplex Hospital on Fort Hood confirms that those injured in the shooting were being taken there. She told NBC they were all military personnel. The base was reportedly on lockdown. The Killeen Independent School District said all Fort Hood schools are on lockdown.


Ft Hood is on lockdown.  At this time, at least seven people dead and twenty are wounded.  One shooter is in custody and is apparently 40 years old.

Authorities are earching for second shoote and there is the possibility of a third shooter.  It appears that the shooters were coordinated and targeting the base theater, the soldier processing center and the PX.

One person who was killed in the PX appears to be part of the first response team to the shootings.

This is not a ramage but premeditated and cowardly murder.  And, quite frankly, appears to target families by hitting the PX and theater in the middle of the afternoon (although in the military, post theaters are often used as classrooms or briefing platforms).

Prayers going out to Fort Hood.