Fort Hood Shootings
Of the Troops, For The Troops....

Fort Hood Shooting - Aftermath

First, Soldiers' Angels is gathering cards for the families of the fallen and the wounded.

SOLDIERS' ANGELS STANDING BY FOR FT. HOOD-- Collecting cards and NEW stuffed animals for the families and children of the fallen/wounded heroes. Please send cards and stuffed animals/blankets/anything NEW that may brighten the life of a child to:

Soldiers' Angels Warehouse
4408 PanAm Expressway
San Antonio, TX 78218

WE WILL FOCUS on the HOLIDAY OUTREACH as a major push.

Next, as the media tried to make PTS an issue (across all networks), I called a few producers to let them know that Hasan had never served overseas.  No "combat-related" PTS.

Also, the media tries for victim-hood on Hasan.  Apparently, reports are that he was harassed for being muslim.  I have sources that have stated that the Army investigated Hasan's claims that he was being targeted for his religion and found that either his reports were inaccurate or that he was faking the harassment. 

I have seen soldiers harass muslims (one of the best NCOs I had as a young cav scout platoon leader was Sergeant Hassan).  I have also seen soldiers harass each other for being Italian and Irish and Jewish, etc.  [as a soldier, I also put a stop to that nonsense]

The point of that is that it is not an excuse for murder.

More will be revealed.  From where I stand, much of this looks like religion-inspired terror.  We need to know who his spiritual advisers are (one account is that his chaplain was the same guy who counseled Hasan Akbar, the Army sergeant who killed his fellow soldiers).

Last, many soldiers I have spoken with are deeply concerned about the President's response.  The President spoke for minutes about the Tribal Conference before addressing the tragedy on Fort Hood.  What was THAT about?

Update:  Here's the President's speech about Fort Hood.  Some, in the Comments, have noticed the "Late Night" host like attitude.  Weird.  His PR manager needs to get fired. BTW, most media outlets are cutting out the weird intro.


Update 2: Reader Steve sends this clip to NPR's All Things Considered where they discuss some aberrant behavior in Hasan.

NPR "All Things Considered" reports that Hasan talked at a professional meeting about beheading infidels. A fellow doctor reports:

"He gave a Grand Rounds presentation. . . You take turns giving a lecture on, you know, the correct treatment of schizophrenia, the right drugs to prescribe for personality disorder, you know, that sort of thing. But instead of giving an academic paper, he gave a lecture on the Koran, and they said it didn’t seem to be just an informational lecture, but it seemed to be his own beliefs. That’s what a lot of people thought."

"He talked about how if you’re a nonbeliever the Koran says you should have your head cut off, you should have oil poured down your throat, you should be set on fire. And I said well couldn’t this just be his educating you? And the psychiatrist said yes, but one of the Muslims in the audience, another psychiatrist, raised his hand and was quite disturbed and he said you know, a lot of us don’t believe these things you’re saying, and that there was no place where Hasan couched it as this is what the Koran teaches but you know I don’t believe it. And people actually talked in the hallway afterwards about ‘is he one of these people that’s going to freak out and shoot people someday?’"

Update 3:  One word.  HERO

Cone said Munley, 34, was doing traffic control in the area when Major Nidal Malik Hasan began spraying unarmed soldiers with rounds from two pistols.

The civilian cop headed straight for the sound of gunfire...
ABC News' Bob Woodruff reported today that Hasan is paralyzed from his injuries.

Taken into surgery afterwards, Munley spent Thursday night calling her fellow co-workers from her hospital bed to make sure everyone was okay...

Update 4:  I changed the PTSD to "combat related".