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Cooking with the Wounded Phase II Kickoff


There is little better in this world than doing some good, and especially doing some good for the troops with a good group of people. Cooking with the Wounded is now a formal program, and Phase II kicked off in high style thanks to Katy and Molly of the Yellow Bowl Bakery, who have founded their own group Bakers without Borders to do for the troops, and to Concrete Bob who brought together the 173rd ABN, the Warrior Legacy Foundation, DC Free Republic, and the grilling regulars to do quite a cookout. The result was pure Southern hospitality:  grazing from the early afternoon on into the evening.  


The day started with Concrete Bob and company setting up for an afternoon of fine eating.  Bob provided some excellent chicken, which was far better than the last batch of BBQ chicken I did.  Carter and Dayna, Lisa Everington (Apogee Solutions), and Gunn Nutt took care of the sides, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more.  We even had Princess Crabby drive down from Boston to help with the cookout, and Mary Ripley of the U.S. Naval Institute joined in as well. Special thanks also go to Olga for her help. 


This went from about 1 until 5:30, and a special shout out needs to go to a certain CSM who truly got things cooking.  The crowd was not quite what was expected, but it turns out half the residents had hopped a charter to Vegas and that some field trips caused the crowd to slowly build.  The families made it for me, however, and my favorite was the little girl who, when her parents wanted to leave and go inside, and daddy waved and said goodbye, simply looked up at him, smiled, waved, and called out good bye to him... 


As things got dark, it was time to move in and for Soldiers' Angels to host Bakers without Borders.  These excellent chefs brought:  6 Kentucky Bourbon pecan pies; 6 pumpkin pies; 6 blueberry oatmeal pies; 2 sheet cakes; brownies; cookies; and... I know I'm forgetting something but I lost count and track of all the goodies.  I also have to admit, their pecan pie out did my momma's pecan pie and may even be my all-time favorite.  We didn't get a shot of the spread, in large part because the hordes descended and we think around 200 people were fed.  Again, I lost count and how do you count at least one person who came back for thirds on the pecan pie?  

Phase II of Cooking with the Wounded is off to a roaring start.  Work now turns to raising the money for the ladies of the Yellow Bowl Bakery to Landstuhl for the next event.  There is some community support, and all support is welcome.  Check out what we are planning, not just for Landstuhl but where we would like to take the program.  You can also check it out on Facebook.

My thanks to Bakers without Borders, Bob, and everyone who came and made this event such a success.  Just goes to show what you can do when good groups and people all work together.  Thank you.


PS:  If you want to know why all of us, from all the different groups, do this here's one reason why from an e-mail sent to Concrete Bob:

Your group's presentation and serving of an afternoon meal on 11/14 at Malogne House was of the highest regard and is sincerely appreciated.  My son is recently returned from Afganistan with battle wounds, and is overcome with emotion at the incredible outpouring of support from virtually all he encounters.  May the Lord bless all of you, and all that you do, in support of these warriors.  Thank you again. 

Our thanks to you and to your son, Sir.  The honor and pleasure are ours.