Pappy Boyington
Italians convict 23 Americans in rendition case

An unhappy anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Iranian invasion of the United States and the true beginning of our now decades long war with the Islamic regime. This humiliating incident where they seized our embassy and held hostage our citizens for 444 days was part of the downfall of the feckless Jimmy Carter and a large force in my joining the military. It was painful to watch Walter Cronkite count out the number of days we had been publicly shamed on the news each night. The anniversary this year has one ray of light as the Iranian opposition is out protesting the regime and asking us for help.

DUBAI -- Iranian authorities battled with opposition protesters in Tehran Wednesday, after demonstrators used the 30th anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Embassy as cover for their first significant protest in weeks.....

At one point, one crowd of protesters turned its message toward the American President Barack Obama, chanting, "Obama, Obama, you are either with us or with them."

Don't hold your breath folks, sadly the Carter-esque Obama has a serious appeasement streak and hasn't found a dictator or enemy of ours he is not willing to kowtow to. It is fitting to look at the pathetic diplomacy and foreign policy of Carter as we consider our current CinC. America is and always has been a force for good in the world and not by prostrating ourselves to the will of international organizations that serve to empower purveyors of evil, but by standing firmly against oppressors worldwide. We are Team America World Police and the only nation able and previously willing to serve our given role. The world is not getting any safer and the bad guys are not forsaking their plans. We need to act as the bulwark against this as no one else is available.

I guest lectured at Jim Robbins' graduate class on International Terrorism & Security this week and we had a beer afterward w/ Instapinch. At one point Jim dropped the bomb I had been avoiding thinking about as Afghanistan had dominated my attention. "When is Israel going to attack the Iranian nukes, and what happens after that?" Helluva question, and I couldn't even wrap my measly little melon around all the possible implications. It is obvious that that the Obama administration has accepted a nuclear-armed Iran and is now focused on a containment strategy. But that is hardly acceptable to the Israelis and w/ Bibi Netanyahu at the helm they are unlikely to rely on the good will of the Mullahs.

So, when and what happens next?

It's not like Israel doesn't have reason to suspect know it's neighbors are up to no good.

Israel's navy intercepted a container ship loaded with smuggled arms late Tuesday night, the latest development in the country's effort to curb the flow of weapons to militant groups in the area, defense officials said....

Local media outlets reported in Israel that the seized arms included Katyusha rockets, grenades and a variety of guns and ammunitions.

I wonder who was sending them those party favors?

IDF officials said they suspect the arms shipment originated in Iran and was destined for Hezbollah militias.

Heavens no, that would be so out of character. I mean where have the Iranians done this, other than well Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Venezuela. Shocking for sure.