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On the legalities of killing terrorists

The leaks on Obama's plan

What do I think? You know what I think, it's politically-driven shite. McChrystal for the city, Biden for the country? (please hear my sneering tone). What absolute BS. Biden and McChrystal should not be mentioned in the same sentence. As currently leaked it calls for 10 major population centers to be secured, while the countryside i.e. the vast majority of the country, is left to the Taliban. Although we will have our magic ninjas flinging throwing stars at them.The only saving grace would be if this was the first step in an ink blot strategy that would move into vital agricultural areas later on.

I am gonna hope this was a trial balloon to see what reaction would be, or a malicious leak to put pressure on the President, because it' s not a strategic plan to win. It is an exit strategy dressed up to appear like a plan. I will wait and hope this is not the final answer.