Doing more w/ what you've got
Pakistan can bomb houses, why can't we?

Teeth and Tails

So the WaPo has noted that when you deploy grunts to a war, someone has to feed them and fix the tuff they break, and drive the stuff their and guard it once it is there. This news flash, which they treat as such, is exactly the same reporting we got every time there was a troop increase.

Obama announced in a March 27 speech that he was approving 21,000 troops, and a White House spokesman said that the president did not approve any other increases before or after. Asked for more details on the troop authorizations, spokesman Tommy Vietor said the Pentagon was better suited to provide such "technical information.".....

"The 21,000 are only combat forces, and when the combat forces go in, there are a certain amount of additional forces that are required," said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who signs the deployment orders, had military officials identify last spring the entire scope of the increase and agreed that he would consult with Obama again if the Pentagon sought to go above that, Whitman said.

"Obama authorized the whole thing. The only thing you saw announced in a press release was the 21,000," said another defense official familiar with the troop-approval process.

They act as if this is a novel concept, it makes you wonder if they have any institutional memory at all, or even the common sense to search their own archives before exposing these nefarious machinations.

The U.S. military has already withdrawn four of the five combat brigades sent to Iraq early last year as part of the troop buildup ordered by President Bush, leaving about 151,000 in the country, down from an all-time high of 168,000. When the final surge brigade leaves by the end of next month, there will still be about 140,000 troops left in Iraq, about 8,000 more than before the buildup, because some support troops sent as part of the increase will remain.

No kidding

The $3.2 billion that Bush requested in his letter to Pelosi would pay for 2,400 combat support troops, 2,200 military police officers and 129 soldiers to man provincial reconstruction teams in Iraq. It would also fund additional military equipment and efforts to reopen Iraqi state factories.

Combat support troops, huh to support combat I guess. And they wonder why their audiences vaporize before their all-knowing eyes.