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Running for Office is like Jumping Out of Airplanes - Part II

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I've been learning a lot - about campaigning, about myself - over the last few weeks.  I've worn out a pair of shoes walking miles (our team - volunteers all - have put a ton of miles in, too!). 

I've been asked a lot of interesting questions - most about political views, but some were not so much about politics.  Among them:

  • How many cavities do you have? (zero)
  • How many speeding tickets have you received? (two - last one in 1990, I believe)
  • Are you a felon? (no, but kind of important to know in Illinois)

Illinoisans have been very receptive to a campaign that will fight to bring honor and integrity back to our state.  I've had several readers surprised to see me on their doorstep.  They have been a true pleasure to talk with and listen to their concerns.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home.

Many of you have asked how the fund raising is going. It is going very, very well (thanks to you all spreading the word).  Hundreds of donations ranging from a few bucks to many, many bucks. 

I went to my mailbox a few days after announcing my campaign.  A few interesting notes were found. I received well wishes from Gold Star parents, former soldiers, military supporters, and people who are just tired of what's happening with our Republic.  I had a donation from a ETT soldier in Afghanistan who wanted me to have his combat pay "to help the fight" since cleaning up Illinois might be tougher than what he has to do(!).  I received one donation from an old paratrooper who wrote on the check "Don't let those legs win!"  And I ran into a paratrooper from the 101st in Viet Nam on a commuter train platform.  He's dying of cancer and wanted to help me before he passes on (btw, he and his wife did a tandem HALO for their 40th anniversary).

To say that those experiences were energizing would be a huge understatement.  So, I'm doing my best so I won't let them down.  I haven't had much opportunity to post because of the time commitments and will try to keep you all up to date on the campaign.

I will have a replacement for donations via PayPal up in a day or two. 

And I just wanted to say "thank you!" for all of your support and well wishes.  When it's Oh-dark-thirty and 40 degrees and raining sideways, the Infantry training (and some serious coffee) kicks in and I keep moving...but its your notes and letters and emails and talking to people that have really been the propellant and kept me dedicated to the mission.

After all, it's not much different than when I wore the uniform or started BlackFive.  We're fighting for good people. 

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