USAID takes over Iran?
Troop request finally reaches Obama

Obama will not lower troop levels in A-Stan

That's a start, but now as John McCain has pointed out let's not go halfway toward trying to win.

Obama told congressional leaders that he is not contemplating reducing troop levels in the near term under any scenario, according to several participants, and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reiterated Tuesday that withdrawing from Afghanistan is "not an option."

Like I said, that's a start but what we need to make sure is that if we are going to send even one more troop we need to make a play for victory. I applaud the President for making the statement, but he made another in this meeting asking the Congresspersons if they understood that for every thousand troops deployed, we would be spending $1B a year. That is not the proper mindset for making these decisions. If the mission is proper then the cost is irrelevant, especially for someone who has minted as much new money as he has.

The debate also seems to be crystallizing around increases in both COIN and Counterterror efforts.  That is the right answer and we will be keeping the pressure up. The Warrior Legacy Institute will be releasing our second paper tomorrow. This one is on Counterterror and is again designed to speak to regular Americans, not experts.