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(h/t Goldfarb) Earlier this year President Obama replaced the commander in Afghanistan, announced his new strategy and sent some reinforcements. Now he seems to be having second and third thoughts. His tough talk about a war that needs to be won barely a month ago have faded as his political clout diminishes.

Well the man he sent to Afghanistan is not a weak-kneed politician and is set to do what he was sent to do, win the war. Gen. McChrystal gave a speech in London that laid that out quite clearly. (audio here)

General McChrystal was asked by a member of an audience that included retired military commanders and security specialists whether he would support an idea put forward by Mr. Biden to scale back the American military presence in Afghanistan to focus on tracking down the leaders of Al Qaeda, in place of the current broader effort now under way to defeat the Taliban.

“The short answer is: no,” he said. “You have to navigate from where you are, not where you wish to be. A strategy that does not leave Afghanistan in a stable position is probably a short-sighted strategy.”

He did not mention Mr. Biden by name.

He did however chuckle and mention that the magic ninja plan was supported generally by brain dead, hair-plugged, maroons who gained most of their voluminous knowledge by osmosis.

Both Bill Kristol and Karl Rove have predicted an Obama trip to A-Stan in conjunction with his Olympic pimping. Sounds about right to me as he has been shamefully neglectful and needs to show he is paying attention.