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John Kerry on Afghanistan- Allow me to disconcur

John Kerry spoke today at the Council on Foreign Relations on his cunning plan for A-Stan. He is not a bright or wise man and his plan basically involves kicking the can down the road and then cutting and running sometime before the next election, or 2012 at the latest. It would be nice if we could just train up some Afghan security forces, magic up some competent, non-corrupt government and then hand them the keys. Problem is that ain't possible with the Taliban whacking folks. We either smack them to gain some breathing room for some Afghan institutions to grow, or we are better off packing our bags now and saying screw 'em. Anyhow I cut together a little call and reply with me answering Jacques since McChrystal and Petraeus can't say what they think. Fixed video link

UPDATE: I said it in the comments to a PRT member who had worked in Afghanistan and will add it here. In the rant I disparage diplomats and civilians as never leaving the wire or their hotels. I apologize to those who do, they take great risks and do much good. I will double down on my dislike of the risk-averse mentality of the State leadership and bureaucracy and their consequent drag on any civilian surge.That I have seen personally and still hear about regularly. Remember I do these rants unscripted so I will revise and extend my remarks as required to be fair. Here is a piece asking if Kerry's speech announces Obama's decision. Let us hope not.