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Godspeed, Chris Rudzinski...

Blackfive asked me to stand up and post this for him- Chris' father Mike wrote in with the details of Chris' services.  Previous postings are HERE and HERE.

Even the Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, paid respects.  Matt's always said he's a good guy.  Even ordered flags to half-staff for 3 days: see that order here.

Here is video and info on Chris' procession:

The motorcade:

More on the procesion:  http://illinoishomepage.net/media_player.php?media_id=389321

And here, some on the visitation for Chris:




Mike adds:

On behalf of our family, we again would like to thank you for all you
have done to honor Chris' life and offer consoloation to of his family
and friends.  We will lay Chris  in his final rest next to his sister
Jacqui tomorrow.

Mike, we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers for you.  From all of us at Blackfive...

Mr Wolf