Navy brings out SEALs to support Valour IT

FireDogLake Buttheads clueless about Bush and our war dead

UPDATE: A Gold Star mom shares her thoughts on this.

I never cease to be amazed by the sorry haters on the left and their inability to understand the military, respect, dignity and the difference between a gesture and a heartfelt gesture. They are busy hating on George W because he failed to go to Dover and get photo-opped like our current Commander in Chief. Now first of all I will give Obama credit for gong to Dover, but as soon as it became a photo op it was cheapened as Matt noted. Anyone smell the stench of Axelrod and Emanuel? Well the brain-addled, land apes at FireDogLake are calling out the former CinC for not being so blatant. Admire their bile.

This is what a president does.

US President Barack Obama has paid his respects to 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan, the first time he has honoured the fallen in this way.

NPR notes that,

The dramatic image of a president on the tarmac was a portrait not witnessed in years.


Let me help you with that you pathetic, whiny little bitch. Turning a solemn occasion into a photo op that becomes about you is not respectful, it is sorry. President Bush knew that and chose to show his respect in private to the people who really matter, the Gold Star families.

His predecessor, George W Bush, visited the families of dead troops but never received the bodies at the base, in Dover, Delaware.

Mr Bush also did not go to military funerals, telling the military newspaper Stars and Stripes three years ago that he preferred to meet families privately.

Which shows more honor to the sacrifice, spending time personally with the family, or turning the funeral into a spectacle with the press and other jackals yapping around the periphery? He could have had as many photo ops as he wanted, but he knew that the families would prefer the warm and heartfelt words he could give them in private. I have spoken to a number of Gold Star families who got this respectful treatment from the President and they were as comforted as they could possibly be by his obvious care, love and concern for the fallen troop and for them. The left wants funerals and caskets for propaganda purposes and their faux outrage is all the more grotesque because of that.

Bush also preferred to go bed early, but apparently, could never get his ass out of bed early enough to honor the soldiers he so recklessly sent off to die.

F**k you! The deaths of brave Americans is not fodder for politics. I don't believe that is what President Obama intended, but if so he could have foregone the photo op. Sometimes you have to stop listening to your handlers and do something just because it's the right thing.