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Have You No Shame?

Blackfive and Wolf(s) at Blogworld Expo!

UPDATE 10/16:  Successful first day of the BWE, and Laughing Wolf put on a great symposium/Milblog track here.  Blackfive, as usual, did a fantastic job moderating the panel for 'what is next for milblogs'.  While no breakthroughs were developed, it was a consensus that the milblogs will continue to be a factor for the forseeable future- especially with the Afghanistan front. 

BE SURE to listen to Hugh Hewitt's show tonight during the first hour- Blackfive is scheduled to be on LIVE from the Blogworld Expo convention center floor.  Its always fun when he gets a chance at Hugh's show...

Blackfive, Mr Wolf, and Laughing Wolf are attending Blogworld Expo this week here in Vegas.  Yeah, someone has to take it for the team.

We are opening the Milblog track just now, with the Spousebloggers as the first session- Tammy Munson is moderating this panel.

Up later today: Best Milblogs you've never read- moderated by Greyhawk from Mudville Gazette; they are up at 2pm Eastern Time.

Mr Wolf will be moderating Milblogs- not your standard news source, at 4:30 Eastern.

BlackFive will moderate the final session of the day- What's next for milblogs, at 7pm Eastern.

And this is just the first day!

Stay tuned- we'll have more later...

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