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Want to Attend Milblog Track at Blogworld?

Posted this this weekend, but it deserves a repeat.  Also, please help spread the word to all current and former serving members of the Armed Forces as we really want to make it possible for them to attend. 

Rick Calvert, founder and head of Blog World and New Media Expo, has issued a challenge not just to me, but to you too.  It seems Rick is convinced we can get 200 people to the milblog track on 15 October, quite a good number of people.  So, he has challenged me to make it happen, and he has challenged you, our readers, to make it happen as well.  Now, I'm not saying he said anything about us, SO's or anything like that, or that he will call us things if we don't, but I don't plan on giving him any opportunity.  Especially as this is at his generosity, which is greatly appreciated.  So, here's the deal:

1.  If you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, or are a veteran of same (discharged or retired) and want to attend, drop me a line at blake at blakepowers dot n with BWE09 Free Registration in the subject line and a short note introducing yourself within, and you will get a code that gives you a free registration for the milblog track on 15 October, and access to the exhibit hall (and the Milblog Lounge) on the 16th & 17th.

2.  If you are a military spouse, spouse blogger, military supporter, or reader of the milblogs, the same applies. 

3.  If you have a blog or other outlets of your own (Twitter, Facebook, newsgroups, e-mail groups, etc.), please spread the word. 

4.  If you happen to have contacts in blogging or old media in California, Nevada, or Arizona, please reach out to them as well, as we would very much like to be sure that we reach all the different bases in those regions.

I will also note that if you are interested in attending, there are some excellent deals on rooms and such through the Blog World site once you are registered. 

While the registration only covers the milblog track and exhibit hall, if you want to attend parties, other sessions, etc., you can contact BWE after you register and see about the costs of upgrades.  Also, a reminder to those already speaking and attending:  if your spouse, SO, or other is coming with you and you want them to get in, be sure they register with one of the free codes so they can be badged. 

Keep an eye on the grid at Blog World, as we are updating as needed and are still working on trying to make a surprise or two happen.