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Mobbing DC

Uncle Jimbo On The March

Tea_Party_Uncle_Jimbo Uncle Jimbo is in DC, as per usual, and is attending the march this weekend.  I've just received a phone update from him, and he's telling me that ''by far its the largest crowd I've ever seen- and that includes this year's inauguration.'' 

Jimbo's telling me that the crowd HE'S estimating closing on or surpassing a million.  That's HUGE.  I believe the media is still calling it 'tens of thousands' although when asked, Jimbo states he can see THAT many in just a block or two.  Jimbo calls it 'humans as far as the eye can see'.

He'll be sending me photos soon, and we'll update then.  He's been participating in the WRAMC events, as well as meeting with vets attending the march.

Wolf out, for now...