The Good War, The Necessary War.
McChrystal to resign if not supported

True War Crimes

We all see and even know people who feel our troops are doing bad things.  Let's face it, some of the people we meet every day are bigots, no better than klansmen and neo-nazis, who feel that people in the military really are dumb, can't get a job anywhere else, and/or are evil people who love to rape, pillage, murder and burn and do so any chance they get.  They range from the "some of my best friends" type bigots to the seriously hard core. And, yes, they are bigots pure and simple.  For the record, I do not question their intelligence, their basic values, and their patriotism -- you can't question what's not there. 

The next time you run into one of these delightful scumbags, show them this video.  Make them watch it.  Use force if necessary.  Point out to them that the low-life cowardly piece of excrement that did this deliberately targeted children, not just the troops.  Pound into their thick skulls and imprint on the shinola that passes for grey matter in the fold-less thing that is their brain that we treat the children, and that we treated the child who was deliberately and maliciously targeted by the "insurgent."  Show them the true face of the Taliban/AQ/MichaelMoores-legitimate-resistance-minutemen.  

When we find, or even suspect, one of our own to have done something bad, we investigate and prosecute.  We punish.

They reward these people, and celebrate them.  They lionize them. 

A simple fact and difference lost on the moral and intellectual cripples of the world. 

Go watch it again, and then spread the word.  Force this out to the world.  We will all be the better for it.