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Stolen Valor Okay In Colorado?

Over at the Burn Pit, the follow up on the Rick Duncan case is not very encouraging...well, unless you are Captain Stolen Valor.

Rick Duncan was a Marine with a compelling story to tell, and tell it he did, to anyone who would listen.  A graduate of the Naval Academy, Rick had been in the Pentagon when the plane hit on September 11, 2001.  Volunteering for duty in Iraq, Duncan rose to the rank of Captain, and although openly gay, was assigned to lead a Marine Battalion in the battle of Fallujah.  During the house to house battles there he had a finger shot off and suffered a severe head injury that required a plate be put in his head.  He returned to the states disillusioned with the war and became executive director of the Colorado Veterans Alliance.


But Rick Duncan never existed.  He was in fact Rick Strandlof, a man wanted on an outstanding warrant...

Go check out the whole sordid tale and the FBI's repsonse to the non-action by the US Attorney in Colorado at the Burn Pit.