Cooking With The Wounded: Summary
A convergence of pipe hitters

A moment of truth on Afghanistan

We are about to see just how much of a political animal Barack Obama is. He talked at length during the campaign season of personally sweeping through the Hindu Kush to purge the ghost of bin Laden. The war in Afghanistan needed to be won and he would be the man to do it, was his guard against any claim of dovishness for his calls to cut and run from Iraq. Now he has McChrystal's report in hand, and so apparently does Bob Woodward of the WaPo. Again, wouldn't it be nice if we here at B5 had a chance to do what the Post is and peruse the document? I guess if I paid attention there is an unclass version to download.

But President Obama is going to have to make a choice soon. He must either double down and take a long war look and strategy, or he can heed his left and the George Wills of the world and abandon the field. He already seems to be hedging his bets saying he is skeptical about any call for reinforcements. I have said for a while I fear he will make a token effort and then start pulling out when elections roll around. If so, how will he answer those he sent there already?