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IAEA says Iran can and is making nukes

Obama caves on missile defense

You can say one thing about President Obama, he is consistent on foreign affairs. Kick our allies in the teeth and kiss our enemies on the ass. I guess weakness is the new strength.

WASHINGTON – Citing a need to refocus America's defenses against missiles, the White House said it will shelve Bush administration plans to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

"After an estensive process, I have approved the unanimous recommendations of my secretary of defense and my joint chiefs of staff to strenghten America's defenses against ballistic-missile attack," Mr. Obama said in a morning address.

If all of those people did call for this, then we are in deep shite. This was so shocking the WSJ even released this piece with multiple spelling errors. Their editors must be in shock. I guess Obama is trying to curry favor w/ the Putin regime, so he can claim we are working with them to stop Iran from getting nukes. In the end this will show just how much he is getting played. I am gonna cut this off now before I spend a couple thousand words explaining just what a naif our President is. Unicorns and freaking bunnies FFS!

From last Fall, like I said consistent