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McChrystal to resign if not supported

Another reason to like the guy. Not only did he used to be President of the Pipehitters Union, but he is standing up for the troops.

Within 24 hours of the leak of the Afghanistan assessment to The Washington Post, General Stanley McChrystal's team fired its second shot across the bow of the Obama administration. According to McClatchy, military officers close to General McChrystal said he is prepared to resign if he isn't given sufficient resources (read "troops") to implement a change of direction in Afghanistan:

He was sent to Afghanistan to command and win. He needs more troops to do that, which everyone knows. He is getting slow-rolled as the White House sniffs the political breezes. President Obama talked a big game on the campaign trail and in March announced his new strategy. Now that he has gotten beaten up over all his big government plans, he is tap dancing on Afghanistan. He has had McChrystal's report for more than three weeks and reportedly has held only one meeting about it.

We have brave men and women fighting and dying over there right now and the President can't find time to even meet and discuss what to do. It's also been reported that McChrystal was told not to ask for more troops just yet. WTF? Either we are going to make an honest effort and try to win over there, or we get the hell out now. This is smelling more and more political every day.

Uber Pig already covered this below, but I needed a vent.