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McChrystal Has Not Threatened To Resign If Plan Not Approved

The other day a number of us posted our thoughts about the story that Gen. McChrystal was ready to resign if he didn't get the resources he wanted based on the assessment he'd delivered to the CINC.  Those rumors were in a Reuters story.  That prompted an email from the Public Affairs Officer to the Commander International Security Assistance Force, LTC Tadd Sholtis in which he said:

McQ, I appreciate your trust in General McChrystal's personal integrity. It's well founded. But the circumstances you are basing it on are acomplete fabrication. General McChrystal is not considering resigning. He's fully committed to doing the best job he can for his troops, the Afghan people and those who have entrusted him with this important duty. His view is that this current discussion in Washington is healthy.  For him, having people's minds focused on Afghanistan is a chance to provide more clarity to the mission and unify our efforts for the better.

From my perspective, whoever the person was who provided the information in the original Reuters story is either guessing out of some flawed presumption of knowing what General McChrystal is thinking, or taking advantage of the Commander's appropriate silence during his chain's deliberations over the assessment to advance a personal agenda.

Said very nicely, what LTC Scholtis was telling me is I'd fallen for an unfounded rumor.

Today, the NYT via an interview with Gen. McChrystal, set the record straight and does prove, at least to my satisfaction since I'm inclined to take him at his word, that the original story was indeed an unfounded rumor:

General McChrystal said he agreed to speak to The New York Times on Wednesday after he became increasingly concerned about reports of rifts between the military and the civilian leadership, and about rumors he was considering resigning if his assessment was not accepted.

The general denied that he had discussed — or even considered — resigning his command, as had been whispered about at the Pentagon, saying that he was committed to carrying out whatever mission Mr. Obama approved.

“I believe success is achievable,” he said. “I can tell you unequivocally that I have not considered resigning at all.”

That's pretty unambiguous, wouldn't you say? Given the mini-firestorm that popped up after the rumor of his threat to resign circulated I can understand his reluctance to let it gain credence. It has as chance to undermine the process he's eager to see take place.

At this point, it is probably the smart thing to sit back and let this process work and see what comes out the other end - if that takes place in a timely manner. At the moment I still hold the opinion it is "fish or cut bait" time. Or, in Texas Hold 'Em terms, it's time to go all in or fold. I'll be very interested to see what the final decision will be. In the meantime:

“This is the right kind of process, and the way I see duty,” he said. “I have been given the opportunity to provide my inputs to the decision. Then it is my duty to execute that decision.”

I'll still maintain that depends on the decision, however it should be clear to all that the rumors about McChyrstal's resignation if his plan wasn't approved were not true.