A Freefly on Afghanistan
George Will- We can lose both these wars

LW On The Radio, Part 2

This morning's interview that aired on WAZY.com was good, and my thanks to Tara Madison for her editing, production, and -- most of all -- for doing the interview. 


That said, tonight I will be on You Served radio with some characters you should know, along with featured guest Rick Calvert, the founder and leader of Blog World and New Media Expo.  Hear from him his thoughts on milblogs, their popularity, and why he is giving the milblogs their own track at this event.  

A quick reminder:  If you are a milblogger, spouseblogger, milsupporter, or other similar type and you would like to attend the milblog track -- and help us start planning for next year -- then drop me a line so I can get you set up to attend the milblog track for free.  For everyone else, I do hope you will join us as I think we are off to a good start.