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Godspeed Navy SEAL Ryan Job

RE: Ryan and Kelly Job - Someone You Should Know

This is just horrible news that we lost Ryan.  He was one of the best human beings on the planet.

Iraq vet, spokesman for wounded, dies at 28
Sunday, September 27 | 2:00 p.m.

Blinded by a sniper's bullet in Iraq, Ryan Job retained his characteristic determination and persistence. He climbed Mount Rainier, trained for a triathlon and became a spokesman for an organization that helps wounded veterans transition to civilian life.

"He didn't back down from any challenge," said a friend, Tyler Lein, of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Mr. Job, who grew up in Issaquah, died Thursday morning after major reconstructive surgery at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. He was 28...

For those of you who didn't know of Ryan, Froggy wrote here on Blackfive about Marc Lee and Ryan Job:

Ryan was the SEAL who was critically wounded preceeding Marc Lee's death in Ramadi on 2 August 06.  Ryan was shot in the face and he has completely lost his right eye and may very well lose his left.  He is recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland right now.  I had the privilege of speaking with Ryan this afternoon on the phone, and I was struck by the courage and committment of this young man even at what must be his darkest hour. 

Ryan was very grateful for Marc, "shooting for me," while his platoon tried to casevac him from the Ramadi rooftop where he was hit.  Ryan was also grateful that an M1 tank put two 120mm rounds into the building from which he was shot.  He told me that he takes great comfort in the fact that the terrorist who took his right eye won't be around to enjoy it, and I heartily agree with him.  Though he certainly knows that he won't have the chance, he emphasized repeatedly to me that all he wanted to do was to get back into the fight with his platoonmates and that he'd gladly give his left eye for the opportunity.

Where do we get such men?   

Ryan Job was also a recipient of a Valour-IT laptop thanks to Blackfive readers donations.

Words just fail me so prayers are on the way for Kelly and Ryan's family, friends and brother SEALs.

Godspeed, Ryan Job. 

Update:  RichardUSA posts valuable info in the Comments of where you can send a condolence card to Ryan's family or a donation:

Thank you for posting this Matt. Below are links to three charitable entities which the family has indicated as recipients for donations if anyone desires to make such a donation in memory of Ryan.

Ryan had climbed Mount Rainier with the Camp Patriot organization after recovering from many of his injuries. He was their national spokesman. If anyone wishes to send a condolence card to his family, you may send it to me at the following address and I will see that they receive them. Please note that all cards will be opened before I send them to his family to insure that no one sends anything offensive. That is an unfortunate necessity on a public site.

The family of Ryan Job
C/O Patriot Support
716 Centre of New England Blvd. #173
Coventry, RI 02816