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Damning Evidence on 'Troop Support' Groups

We've seen a few new blogs and sites come up recently that put out some pipe-hittin', hard-chargin' expose's and information on many groups (just go see BigGovernment.com re: ACORN) and the new Legion blog is working their way there.


The BurnPit, over at burnpit.legion.org, lays it out on those VERY leftist organizations that purport to support us vets, but really do nothing of the sort.  In fact, they RARELY even have true 'vets' involved.  Sickening.  Seventh Son writes writes a blistering piece about a few of our 'fave' groups.  Only a group that has told the President face-to-face ''No'' can pull this kind of piece off and be totally honest in it.

Go read for yourself....