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Cooking With The Wounded: Summary

This started as "Cooking with Laughing Wolf" but was already "Cooking with the Wounded" before I left.  Today, made it real.  More soon, with lots of photos, but for now am off to get a couple of hours sleep before my plane leaves.  We bought a lot on the local, and got a great deal on the steaks.  All I can say is that there is nothing you can't accomplish with a Team of Angels, some great USO volunteers, and a frustrated Army cook at your back.  Working together, we did:

125+ steaks 

app. 150 baked regular and sweet potatoes, with homemade cinnamon butter for the sweet potatoes (a huge hit)

2 pans of sauteed mushrooms, one local (delicious) and one a mixture of fresh crimini, porchini, oyster, and shitake

2 large pans of truffled macaroni and cheese

1 huge pan of salad of fresh local greens

mixed fresh local berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and more), a variety of local grapes, ice cream, and balsamic syrup made the day before

Desserts made by the USO volunteers

Not only did we get to serve the wounded transient barracks, but we also took meals up to the ICU staff and to some special people in and out of the hospital.  Not to mention doing an impromptu spaghetti dinner that went from a small offering to a massive undertaking Saturday night. 

More soon, I promise, once I get back.  I can't say enough about the volunteers (Carolina and Team Potato both did yeoman work and rock!), and Mike the Army cook who finally got to do some of the cooking he loves, who helped with making it all come together and serving it to our guests.  They fed the initial 60 people in a matter of just a few minutes. 

To all who donated, thank you!  To all the Angels and USO volunteers, thank you!  To Mike, thanks brother!