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Colonel Hector Henry - Someone You Should Know

A Retired Medical Corps Doctor volunteers for another tour in Iraq (fourth).  He's seventy years old.  And not only is he serving in Iraq, he also serves on his town council via remote broadcast from Iraq.

A reader, Scott P., sends this story about COL Henry:

Concord Army colonel keeps up with city council duties from Iraq

Julie Rose
Tuesday September 15, 2009

...It's no surprise to his fellow council members that Colonel Henry has found a way to participate in council meetings while in Iraq. He has a reputation for being dedicated and very thorough

Actually, Councilman Jim Ramseur jokes it's kind of an advantage to have the Colonel so far away. "We like it on the computer better, you know, he doesn't say as much," says Ramseur, chuckling. "We kid him like he's in his early 100s. But he's actually 70. So 70 years old to go to Iraq. No matter, if you take everything else away, that's a major accomplishment. So we're mighty proud of him for that."

Colonel Henry rang me also using Skype.

"Hey Julie, this is Hector Henry calling you from Baghdad, Iraq."

In the background I could see a fridge, a black leather couch and a TV playing cartoons and old music videos. Colonel Henry says it's the break room for doctors and nurses at the clinic. They offer emergency care for soldiers that are seriously injured. But mostly, Colonel Henry says his job is run-of-the-mill care for the 3,000 soldiers of the North Carolina National Guard unit to which he's assigned...

Read the whole story here (audio too).