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Boot Olberman off NFL show

Keith Olbermann is a reprehensible swine, on a good day. The last thing I want to see when I turn on the television to watch the greatest rivalry on earth (Packers v. Bears) is the smirking face of the least talented, least fair, least honest person on television doing the pre-game show. It turned my stomach and I turned the channel. I did the same at halftime and I'm certainly not the only one. Olbermann is not funny anymore and he is such a partisan scumbag that it is an insult to football fans to have him anywhere near the greatest sport there is. So let's get him booted off. I wrote an email to NBC Sports President Dick Ebersol and so should you. Tell your friends, send Rush a note, Tell O' Reilly, let's put the screws to these people and get that scumbag off our football and back to the channel where all 50 of his fans watch him.

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