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Running for Office is Like Jumping Out of Airplanes

For more than 20 years, I've served my country, fighting to protect and preserve the American freedoms, rights, and values that make this country great, first as an Airborne Soldier - and then as one of the leaders of the Internet political revolution that has held arrogant and corrupt leaders accountable from city halls all the way to Washington D.C.

After much thought and one helluva exploratory committee, the green light is on and I'm ready - I have decided to run for office.  I will change Illinois' political landscape and culture of corruption.  But I can't do it without your help.

[Campaign Web Site]

If I can raise $100,000, I can be competitive and if I can raise $250,000 I can win.

My competitors have an "advantage".  Most politicians raise that kind of money from special interests $5,000 and $10,000 at a whack. Then they're owned by them. 

While there is no campaign contribution limit in Illinois (something I will change), I want to raise it $10 at a time from you.

If 10,000 people give me $10, I'm competitive.

If 5,000 give me $10 and 5,000 give me $25 - the cost of two decent Scotches at a bar - I can raise $175,000.

I can only take a donation to the campaign if you are a US Citizen (you many B5 regulars in the UK, Italy and Australia have to sit this one out).

Or you can send a check made out to CITIZENS FOR MATT BURDEN to:

Citizens for Matt Burden
106 Calendar Avenue
Suite 165
La Grange, Illinois  60526

[As soon as I raise enough, I will stop using Pay Pal, but for now, it's really the only alternative for online.]

Update - What They Are Saying:

1. Winds of Change - We Rabble Are Absolutely at the Gates

The crazy SOB is doing it. He's running for the Illinois State Legislature.

And I think he can win. And more, that he should.


Because my son's Republic depends on it.

2. Steve Shippert of Threatswatch.org:

...We clamor for good men and women to get into the political system and not cede it to lizards and the like. I am jumping up and down today, as our friend, Matt Burden, is doing exactly that. He has announced he is running for Illinois State Representative for his district...

3.  Uncle Jimbo:

It's all my doing.

4.  Lorie Byrd at Wizbang! - I Wish I Could Vote For Matt Burden

...This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Matt Burden, of milblog Blackfive fame, is one of my favorite people. He is passionate about his country's future, but is also always thoughtful and reasonable. He is entering a new phase of service now...

5.  Around O-Town - Taking Back Obama's State One Good Man at a Time

6.  Bookworm Room - Running in Illinois

...Unlike the last round of Illinois politicians, about whom we knew little (and the more we know, the less we like), Matt is an open book.  His service and his beliefs are there for everyone to see — and, I hope, for most to appreciate...

7.  Just a Grunt at Jammie Wearing Fool

...I am sure among many in Illinois he will be viewed as the insurgent, but he is just the sort of man they need. His knowledge of COIN (Counterinsurgency) operations should prove to be an invaluable tool...

8.  Ace of Spades - Vote Matt Burden

9.  Chuck Z at From My Position...On the Way! - Fifteen Reasons to Vote for Matt Burden

...7. Matt Burden is my friend.
I would go to war with Matt Burden.
8. Matt Burden introduced me to the Gimlet.
9. Matt Burden has successfully managed a privately-owned, web-based LLC, and kept it in the black while holding down a day job, fund-raising for charity, completing a master's degree, and raising a family.
10. John Galt would vote for Matt Burden
11. Matt Burden regularly visits service members in hospitals, because he cares about them, not for his own gain.
12. Matt Burden can balance a checkbook.
13. Matt Burden is Irish, and not a Kennedy...

10. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom.Net

...When I tell you that Matt is one of the bravest men that has ever crossed my path, it is by no means an exaggeration. When I tell you he is honest and giving to a fault, it is simply the truth. In a time when there are very few we can trust to lead us, Matt is hope incarnate. Already, many, many across the Internet have spoken up in support of Matt. Our founding fathers would have been proud to call him friend and would have admired Matt for his deeds and for his courage in the face of adversity...