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I'm a bit remiss in getting some good posts up, but given where I've been and up to the past few weeks, I hope you'll forgive.


As many of you may recall, I had been blogging/covering the American Legion national convention in Louisville while traveling back east.  It was a fantastic time, and as a result, I had a chance to meet many key individuals within the Legion.  One of these was the Commander of China Post #1, Shanghai, China.

Those of you familiar with the W.E.B. Griffin stories may recall that several characters and scenarios are based on a 'relationship' with men in this Legion Post.  During my coverage of the convention, I was introduced to the Commander of CP#1, and we struck up a conversation about this historic post.  We also had a chance to delve into parts of my background, and the Commander came to the realization that I was a candidate for CP#1. 

Candidate?  Why would you need to be a 'candidate'?  Well, CP#1 is NOT your conventional post within the Legion.  Its one of the very few without a 'real' building as a post, but not because they can't or don't have one- their post is currently 'occupied' by the Communist Government of China, and they are not about to re-occupy that old headquarters anytime soon.  Hence, why the post is considered 'in exile'.

To become a member of this particular post, YOU MUST have some sort of Special Ops, Intel, or 'letter agency' background.  I'm not about to go into how yours truly fits this (most should realize) but suffice it to say, the Commander immediately pulled out a blue card and 'transferred' me into the CP#1 post.

Oh, and we also 'shanghaied' a certain Blackfive into the post as well.  How this affects his campaign has yet to be ascertained.  He, too, fit the background on several criteria.

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After being 'indoctrinated' into the post, shown the secret handshake, and told whom to see and where to go to find their secret meeting places,  I then went about meeting others within the Legion at various gatherings at the convention; the introductions would go as follows (almost verbatim):

"Hi there!  I'm Mr Wolf and I'm covering the convention."

"Hello Mr Wolf, I'm (insert name/position here).  Which post are you a member of?"

"Um, I belong, now, to China Post #1"

"Oh shit.  Hey, I had nothing to do with that (incident).  Swear it.  Don't hurt me.  What do you need?  I wasn't there.  Did you find witnesses?"

Then, I would meet various commanders or Past National Commanders, and to a man, most would say ''we worry about members of that post.  They have a predilection towards taking over small countries..."  Then they'd go into the latest Griffin book entry.  Which, til now, I was totally unfamiliar with.

So what does all this have to do with this entry?  Well, this...


And you know who you are- GET YOUR DUES AND MEMBERSHIPS BACK UP!  Commander, CP#1, sends.  What do we have to do, come find you?  And you KNOW we can...

See, quite a few joined CP#1 during their 'tours' overseas in order to get access to cheap booze.  Ok, ANY booze, given where most were.  Then, once out of the AO, dropped like it a hot rock.  Now guys, that ain't right.  You signed, you joined, you belong. Come back into the fold now, and all will be forgiven...

Otherwise, those black helos may get re-missioned ... and good luck trying to get back in when you get re-deployed back overseas (and you know you will).

BTW, CP#1 is having its annual reunion in Las Vegas this week- those in-the-know understand where to be and who to see.  Otherwise, contact me and I'll link you up. 

Wolf, out...

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