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Ted Kennedy - CBS Needs to do some Fact Checking

Senator Ted Kennedy was a veteran of the US Army.  After getting kicked out of Harvard for cheating, he was drafted he enlisted.  After serving his three two years, he went back to Harvard and you probably know the rest of the story.  

CBS News interviewed staffers and family and did not investigate this claim [emphasis mine].

And, even when he was out-voted, Kennedy was willing to take unpopular stands. He was one of the first politicians to oppose the 2003 American invasion of Iraq.

But Kennedy supported the soldiers who served in Iraq, and their families -
especially those from his own state.

"He's gone to the funeral of every soldier who's come home from Iraq in a casket, whether it's up in Massachusetts or at Arlington Cemetery. And it's hard. But he knows it pays respect for giving the last full measure that these young soldiers have given. And after he goes to that funeral, he goes up and visits the graves of his brothers," according to long-time Kennedy aide Melody Miller...

I didn't know about this article until a few soldiers from Massachusets emailed me to tell me that they never saw Senator Kennedy at a military funeral.  I'm sure that he went to some, but "every soldier"?

Here's part of an email from a commander:

I've buried two kids myself, Ted wasn't there. We know this is bullshit. I hope u guys look into it.

Email me if you have seen or not seen Senator Kennedy at a military funeral anywhere.

Update: 08-28-09: 

Reader Hognose sends this report:

1. Funeral of SSG Chris Piper in Marblehead MA.

Chris was a member of 7th SFG(A). He'd done a tour with C 1/20th SFG(A) previously, and took a one strip hit to go back to active duty because the SF Guard unit was not going back for five years.

Kennedy did not attend. John F. Kerry did attend with his veteran coordinator and one other aide. He kept looking at his watch, but he did show up. (In Mass, where I lived until last year, Kennedy has an excellent rep for constituent service and Kerry a poor one, so the two were playing against type.

2. Funeral of MAJ Jeffrey Calero, Mass Army National Guard, KIA 10-30-07.
Jeff was KIA on second tour in Afghanistan with C 1/20 based in Springfield MA. No Mass. politicians attended or sent representatives (Jeff was buried on Long Island, New York; his parents live in Queens Village which is where the city meets the island).

3. Not a funeral but a memorial. Later, a training facility was dedicated in Massachusetts, named after Maj. Calero and a young enlisted man from a conventional unit. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name. At the time, they were the only two MA ARNG KIAs (there were six or eight DNHs, suicides, etc). Governor Deval Patrick attended, and Congressman Delahunt, but neither Massachusetts Senator.

 -- the MA ARNG adjutant general spoke and praised Patrick for never missing a MA ARNG funeral. But he wasn't at Calero's, and he wouldn't have been at the other kid's either, because that young man was killed in 2005, before Patrick was governor. I assume he just blew Calero off like Kennedy and Kerry, because the event was outside Boston media coverage.

 -- Delahunt's presence was irritating as he's a stolen valor guy -- he claimed for decades to be a veteran but turns out never to have served. Of course, the chumbolones in Mass. keep electing him.

I can only speak to the funerals & memorials I've personally attended, and I generally only attend those of personal friends. C 1/20 has been lucky so far. May the luck hold.

I wouldn't want Kennedy at my funeral and I think the presence of his old carcass will defile Arlington.

As far as CBS is concerned: they hate veterans, always have, back to the "tripwire vets" fabrications of the 1970s. And they love Kennedys. And they don't care about the facts behind the narrative they sell. I haven't watched network TV in over ten years, and stay better informed than people who do. Not that it's hard.

Finally your statement about Kennedy's tour length is mistaken. He volunteered for four years but the families consiglieris got it changed to two. According to his website, he advanced to the grade of private first class. I think that was when it was still E-2.