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Russian fists clenching

PutinHorse  The ambitions of the Russian bear are becoming more apparent and the latest gesture of peace and conciliation is the appearance of a couple of nuclear subs patrolling off our coast. Back during the Cold War this was a regular thing along with the aircraft overflights they resumed not too long ago. But the recent resurgence of Russian military posturing especially coupled with their invasion of Georgia last year ought to give some pause. Putin has effectively sold Russia's physical and industrial resources to his friends and now runs the world's largest criminal state. He can operate much more effectively as he has none of the drag of a communist system, but retains the desire to play a dominant role in the world.

This comes at a time when US policy seems to consist of apologizing for our existence and offering to negotiate away any advantages we may still retain. The President's recent trip to Russia can only have emboldened them as he gave them a nuclear weapons agreement that cost them nothing and served only to weaken our position. Putin is a tyrant and he spent years honing his skills in the KGB. He has dominated the landscape in his own country and now looks for fresh conquests. He has a huge stick to use against Europe as his hand controls the pipelines that send energy their way.

The prospect of armed conflict in Europe seemed ludicrous not too long ago, now......I'm not so sure.