"The Bullet Magnet" is back in the fight
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Rome, GA Remembers

I don't know about you, but I'm a history buff.  And I'm particularly fascinated by WWII. 

Unfortunately we're losing our WW II vets at an alarming rate now and we're missing out some of the most fascinating history there is - the personal stories of those who were a part of that great effort.

I was pleased to find out that one of the small cities here in Georgia, through its local newspaper, the Rome News-Tribune, has produced a very well done set of videos featuring local WW II vets along with their stories.  It is very similar to Ken Burns "The War" but on a much more local level.  It's fascinating and a very worthy addition to the oral histories of WW II.

There are 8 videos in the set and they're all worth the time to watch.  But if you have to pick just one to watch, I'd suggest the one on Iwo Jima.  Two Marines and a Navy Corpsman talk about that battle, what they saw, what they did and how it effected them and their lives.  It is worth the few minutes it takes. 

If anyone knows about more of these projects that are available on line, I'd love to know about them so I can feature them (mcq51atbellsouthdotnet).