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Pirates fire at Navy chopper

h/t Mrs. G. I know all of you read the Dawn Patrol, right?

from DVIDS

Yesterday, at approximately 8:00 a.m. local time, Somali pirates aboard Motor Vessel Win Far, fired what appeared to be a large caliber weapon at a U.S. Navy SH-60B Helicopter from Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 49, embarked aboard USS Chancellorsville. 

No rounds of ammunition struck the SH-60B. The SH-60 crew did not return fire. No personnel injuries resulted from the incident.

OK, I'll bite. Why the hell didn't the crew return fire? Why isn't this boat now an artificial reef? If it's crew is still on board as hostages, why aren't we rescuing them? Why do we allow these jackasses to get away with the shit they are? What in the world is the point in having a Navy if we allow these clowns to openly operate a pirate mothership? WTF? over.