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PayPal Fail

Well, as promised here and here, I've just completed removing PayPal and parent company E-Bay from my life (made sure I got my money back first, not that I don't trust them but...).  Not a word, not an apology, not any effort of which I'm aware to make right for shafting Soldiers' Angels and our wounded.  Go read The Smallest Minority for a great recap and some excellent rebuttals to the "it's all California's laws/politicians/idiots fault and not theirs" arguments.  Go re-read Chuck's post (hint to the clueless, such as those at PayPal, he's the reason there IS a Project Valour-IT). May not blog about it again as a post of it's own, but trust me I am not going to forget and there are many ways to remind others of this epic fail without a full post...

And, I even found ways to get money to Day-by-Day and Delta Bravo Sierra for their fundraisers without going through PayPal, and encourage you to do so as well.  It may be chump change to them, but even pennies add up when there are enough of them.  Even better, these talented people get all the money without anything skimmed via fees and charges... 

Oh, and I did call (408) 376-7458 and left a message telling who I was, the blog, and a polite message saying I was done with them.  I may have used the words despicable and such, but it was polite and calm. 

PayPal was asked to confirm they really didn't hate the wounded.  The silence in the days since is deafening, and speaks volumes.