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ObamaCare idiot brings gun to ideas fight

Update: Apparently the guy was not anti ObamaCare, although I maintain he may still be Stuart Scott's idiot cousin. OK I jumped on the idiot who decided that exercising his carry rights (which I completely support) at a rally attended by the President was a good idea. I will now congratulate the idiot who thought that bringing an AR-15 of some sort to show his support for ObamaCare was a good idea. It's not about the right to carry it's about what bringing guns to an ideas fight says. It says you are a sensationalizing dipshit who craves attention and doesn't care if you hurt your supposed argument. I just assumed that SportsCenter's Stuart Scott would stick to thrilling us with insights like "Kobe buries another three, just as cool as the other side of the pillow". Watch the vid and see that he now stands ready to bust a cap in anybody's ass who opposes socialized medicine, especially gunshot wounds. Douche! I will thank him for aiming the dumbass gun at his astroturf union thug brigade though.UPDATE: Some claims he is not an Obamanaut, but no confirmation.