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Milblogging at Blog World Expo 09 (BWE09)


As some of you may remember, last year saw the milblogging conference held in conjunction with Blog World Expo 08.  This year, there are a number of exciting changes, from the combining of Blog World with the New Media Expo, to an all-new milblogging track at the event.  The milblogging conference has moved back to its normal spring timing, and an externally-focused milblog track has been developed for this year's Blog World and New Media Expo. 

You can find a complete Speakers' Grid on the BWE site, updates on Twitter, and the milblog track will also be updated at the Warrior Legacy Foundation as well. 

Now for the important stuff:

If you are a milblogger -- and this includes milspouses, military supporters, and military support organizations -- please drop me a line at wolf1 at laughingwolf net and I have a code for you to attend the milblog track on Thursday 15 October, and visit the exhibit hall at any time, for free.  These are limited in number, so first come, first served -- with current serving getting first priority. 

Also, please help us spread the word.  Feel free to steal the graphic above for your site, Tweet about it, link, and otherwise share the love. 

If you are a company or organization that wants to reach out to a military/military-interested audience, or wants to reach out to the new/social media community, drop me a line at the address above.  We do have some sponsorship opportunities left, and those sponsorships can allow me to upgrade the people who get the codes to a full registration at no cost to them, and do some other fun and wonderful things including some potential donations to charities.

If you are a company or organization that wants to show your support of the troops, particularly our wounded, we are working to put together some charity events to support Fisher House, ReMind, and Soldiers' Angels.  Drop me a line, and I will be glad to see what can be arranged so you can help with these efforts.

We have some surprises in the works as well.  Stay tuned. 

Finally, we are already looking ahead to next year.  The goal of the milblog track at BWE is to reach out to new audiences.  For all the reach we do have, we really don't have as much as we could or should.  So, be thinking about what you would like to see for next year's panels, and how they can involve participants from other areas.  These ideas need to start coming in now, so that we can combine them with lessons learned from this year and do an even better job next year.  The only way we can do that is if YOU join in.

This year's panels are a start to that reaching out.  We have worked to limit the number of "traditional" panelists and bring in new faces and new ideas as the start of a transition.  The panels and panelists are below the fold, and I note for the record that deployments, labor, and other issues can and will affect participation, and that some may participate even if not there in the flesh.  Again, I am also hoping we will have a surprise or two for you on the panels. 

They Also Serve:  Spouse Bloggers
But sitting and waiting are NOT their thing.  Half of the equation that makes that protection by military, law enforcement, and other first responders possible is often not heard.  Come hear from the spouses that deal with the logistics, support, and emotions of being married to someone who puts it all on the line.

Panelists:  Tammy Munson http://armyhousehold6.com ; Maiden Magnetic http://maidenmagnetic.blogspot.com/ ; Delta Whiskey http://deltawhiskey.us/ ; Barmy Mama http://deltasierrahotel.net/; TBD

Best Milblogs You've Never Read
Anyone who follows blogging has probably heard of The Mudville Gazette milblog, and through it the Milblog Ring.  Yet, units rotate in and out of areas of operations, and new milblogs start all the time.  Outside of the giants, who are the best milblogs you aren't reading?

Moderator:  Greyhawk http://www.mudvillegazette.com/ Panelists: Vampire 06 http://afghanistanshrugged.com/ ; Jarhead Online http://jarheadonline.com/ ; kudzu630 http://kudzu630.wordpress.com/ ; Deployed Teacher http://deployedteacher.blogspot.com/

Milblogs:  Not Your Standard News Source
While George Plimpton defined participatory journalism in the 1960's, the often gritty, frank, and intense coverage of troops in combat provided by milblogs has redefined the concept.  With no pretension of being anything other than what it is -- a first person account of life on the line and afterwards -- milblogs provide a unique window into people, concepts, and the reality of war.  Come join a panel of milbloggers, journalists, and others as they discuss this unique blend of specialty and participatory journalism, and how it affects the news you hear and don't hear

Panelists:  Prof. Andrew Lubin http://www.andrewlubin.com/ ;  Cdr. Phibian Salamander http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/ ; Old Blue http://billandbobsadventure.blogspot.com/

Getting The Picture:  What's Next for Milblogs?
Audience demands and demographics are changing.  New technologies are emerging that, according to some, make blogs as much dinosaurs as print technology.  What does the future hold for milblogs?  Come join a panel of milbloggers and social media gurus as they discuss the future of milblogging.

Moderator:  Matthew "Blackfive" Burden http://www.blackfive.net  Panelists:  Scott Henderson, mediaSauce http://www.mediasauce.com/ ; CJ Grisham http://www.soldiersperspective.us/ ; Bouhammer http://www.bouhammer.com/ ; Scott Kesterson http://kilroyredux.blogspot.com/

A quick note to the panelists:  I will be getting with you this week in regards your registration.  Thanks for your patience.