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Cruefest 2 After Action

I know you have all been waiting w/ bated breath for the review of the CrueFest 2 in Bristow, VA. It was an early birthday party for new author Jeremiah Workman, whose Shadow of the Sword is aval. for pre-order and ships mid-September. It was raining hurricane-style all afternoon right up until we walked onto the lawn and then the last drops fell and the sun shone right on us. The partying was properly epic for a group of trained professionals such as us and the show was fun as well. Mr. Pitzen gets extra credit for sporting a Warrior Legacy Foundation t-shirt, which he got a few compliments on. More pics and my thoughts on the music after the jump.


We rode to the show seriously stylin' in a stretch Range Rover. Good start and we took full advantage of the pre-game festivities.



There was much rejoicing at the show and the kids were definitely alright.


Happiness is being back from the pisser with two fresh cold ones for the Crue's set.


Oh the music? Well let's just say that the Crue delivered for a bunch nobody expected to live through the 90's. Butt, Vince Neil could use a teleprompter and maybe enough workouts to make it through a song without getting winded and skipping words. Mick Mars is the greatest guitar-playing statue on earth. Nikki Sixx actually had some meat on his bones, amazing what the lack of a $5k a day heroin habit can do for you. Oh and Tommy Lee burnt his hand on a crack pipe sparkler and some dude played for him. It was fun to hear the songs live but I think we all agreed that Godsmack dominated. I can tell you that when I went for coffee today the song ringing in my head was telling people they better f**king go away.


Great time, great show, great people.