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Bringing a gun to an ideas fight

My bona fides as an advocate of the 2nd Amendment are unassailable. I do not recognize the right of any government to disarm me. When my daughter was born I promised to always be there and to never be lying in a mall parking lot bleeding to death saying "Man I wish I woulda brought my pistol". I've carried on aircraft (with the pilot's permission) while escorting my team's weapons. I think guns are a wonderful way to kill bad guys. BUTT!!!!!!!!!!

The clown who brought a gun to the Obama healthcare farce did the cause of the right to bear arms no help though. On so many levels and for so many reasons this freedom exercising douchebag hurt the right to carry, the health care debate and the image of those who disagree with the President's many over reaches.

FFS, what was this idiot not thinking? And to top it off this bandito of ass was carrying a sign that said "It's time to water the tree of liberty" Good God, the rest of the quote is about killing tyrants. Say hello to the Secret Service and the IRS maroon, you brought this on yourself.