A Cooking Challenge For You

Some of you may know that I cook, and that in addition to lessons I even worked in a nationally rated restaurant to learn more. Some of you may have figured out that I am going to be at LRMC soon, and in fact I am going to be there next month.  I'm taking the first real vacation I've had in quite some time, and at the end of it I am going to Landstuhl to do something else I've wanted to do for some time now:  cook for some special people. 

While exactly what I am going to do depends in part on what's available and in season at the time (and maybe even on if I can pick up some things while on vacation), but there is one thing I want to do and I need your help to do it.  I want to cook a steak dinner that weekend.

Not just any steak, but good steak.  Choice or best yet prime, thick cut, NY Strip or Ribeye done as best I can. 

Fixings, trimmings, even other meals, but the heart is the steaks. 

If you want to help, you can.  Drop a donation to Soldiers' Angels, note that it its for Cooking with Laughing Wolf, and I will use it to help buy steaks, fixings, and as much more as I can.  I am also working to be sure that the cooking area of the wounded warrior barracks are left well stocked via my visit.

I know things are tight right now, but hope you will help me do right by some deserving people.


Update I can be found here