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Yesterday, I was at a town hall meeting with Mrs. Blackfive.  At one point, during the presentation in front of everyone, after checking a text message, I lean over to the Mrs. and say, "JR won the title."  JR and Josie have met her and we were very, very happy to hear the news.

JR Salzman, Lumberjack in the Desert, has made the comeback of a lifetime.  JR and Josie have come through so much and now JR is the World Log Rolling Champion.

There is an article in his local paper, and you HAVE to watch the video embedded to watch JR's victory.

...This year, wounded Iraq War Veteran JR Salzman came back to compete and he made it to the finals.  "Regardless of my injuries, I can still log roll, I can still win, I can still accomplish things and I'm alive, I'm still here, I'm going to enjoy life," said Salzman.  It was a close competition between Salzman and Jaime Fischer as they went head to head but Salzman pulled through and became this year's Men's Log Rolling World Champion.  "Entirely overwhelming and on top of everything I've gone through as well, it's just huge, it's great to be back on top and it's such a release to win," said Salzman.  It's his 7th world title and an unforgettable day as well for Salzman's wife Josie.  "It was so amazing!  To see him win a world title, such a short period after being injured is just phenomenal, it's such a great feeling."...

The New York Times was there too.