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Who is killing Afghan civilians?

PJ Tobias does some excellent reporting from Afghanistan. Here he discusses who is responsible for killing Afghan civilians.

I was in the park the other day, chatting with Abdul Rahab, a retired police officer. He told me that, “More than the Taliban, I am worried about US bombings over residential areas.”

Well I wish I’d read this report from the UN before talking to him…

According to the UN, the Taliban kill far more civilians than US airstrikes do. The report sites this bombing in Logar, which killed 25 people altogether, at least a dozen of whom were children.

Food for thought for sure. I also like this tidbit as well.

The following conversation took place between me and an Afghan journalist, who is Muslim. It is illegal for most Afghans to buy, posses or drink alcohol. Expats like myself however, are another matter.

“Mr. P.J., you must bring me a bottle of vodka.”

“No, that would be illegal and you’d get fired.”

“Ah! You want to talk illegal? F&%$ing Karzai takes millions from poor Afghans and gives it to his friends. Is that legal? Bring me some vodka!”

“Well played.”