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Trading Terrorists for Corpses

Bill Roggio, our good friend at the Long War Journal, is posting at the Weekly Standard blog:

...U.S. forces released Laith as part of a deal to get the five Brits freed. In return, the terror group turned over two dead Brits, who were killed months earlier. Their bodies were returned with gunshot wounds.

Earlier this month, the U.S. military turned over five Qods Forces officers, including Mahmud Farhadi, perhaps the most dangerous Iranian operative captured in Iraq. Farhadi was the Qods Force theater commander in northern Iraq and directly supported operations against U.S., Coalition, and Iraqi forces...

Read the whole piece here at the Weekly Standard.  There is a learning process that does not seem evident when you keep trading some of the most evil men on the planet for british corpses.

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[Here is Jimbo's commentary on a LWJ piece on the Iranian releases here.]