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Time for a cup of STFU on captured soldier

UPDATE: PJ Tobia who is in Afghanistan is reporting that a source tells him there was a note left behind by the soldier saying he was going into the mountains to find himself. If that is true it changes this completely.

There has been a lot of speculation about the circumstances surrounding the capture of our soldier in Afghanistan. The one thing we know for certain is that none of those flapping their gums were actually there. Michelle Malkin notes a number of different stories about what happened noting that perhaps the media etc. ought to wait until some facts come out. Then she points out an example of exactly what not to do in the person of noted blowhard Ralph Peters, who really ought to know better. Here's what he said on FOX.

PETERS: On that video, he is collaborating with the enemy. Under duress or not, that’s really not relevant. He’s making accusations about the behavior of the military in Afghanistan that are unfounded, saying there are no rules. He’s lying about how he was captured, saying he lagged behind a patrol.

Julie, I’ll tell you, any 11 Bravo infantryman will tell you, that’s not how it works. In a war zone, any soldier is aware of where all his buddies are. If it’s a night patrol, you’re sure of where the guy in front of you and behind you is. So we know this private is a liar. We’re not sure if he’s a deserter. But the media needs to hit the pause button and NOT portray this guy as a hero…

Boy it's good to know that we have Ralph out there supervising patrols and making sure there are no breaks in contact i.e. people lagging behind. Hey dipshit, the fact that we have a term like "break in contact" means that it happens. Who the hell is Ralph to call this kid a liar from a TV studio in the US. The first thing we all should do in the absence of solid info, is to give the kid a freakin' break. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and for jackasses like Peters to start calling him a liar based on a completely inaccurate concept is pathetic.

He may turn out to be a deserter, or an idiot, or a drunk or just screwed in the head and if so there will be plenty of time to call him names. Heck Ralph they may even kill the incompetent liar. But for the time being it would be nice if all the arm chair mouth pieces sat down and had a nice cup of STFU!