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The Afghans Killed 2,000 Taliban Fighters? So What???

I don't like President Obama one tiny little bit and this is one of the many reasons why...

WASHINGTON -- President Obama has ordered his national security team to investigate reports that U.S. allies were responsible for the deaths of as many as 2,000 Taliban prisoners of war during the opening days of the war in Afghanistan.

Obama told CNN in an interview that aired Sunday that he doesn't know what how the U.S.-allied Northern Alliance behaved in November 2001, but he wants a full accounting before deciding how to move forward.

"I think that, you know, there are responsibilities that all nations have even in war," Obama said during an interview at the end of a six-day trip to Russia, Italy and Ghana.

Move forward?  With what?  I know that I sooooo do not care what happened to 2,000 Taliban prisoners in 2001 when they were being routed by SOF and their indigenous counterparts around Mazar-i-Sharif and parts unknown controlled by the Northern Alliance.  2,000 dead terrorists sounds like the beginning of a citation for a medal...

In fact, I would say 2,000 sounds to me like a good start...

Having spent a bit of time as an Embedded Trainer (kind of like being an 18B, master logistician, finance guru, operations specialist and contract specialist all rolled into a big warrior/diplomat tortilla), I can tell you that we had one really big picture tactical and strategic rule by which my partner Capt. Jack and I lived by:

  • Afghanistan is their country and as such we are here to train them how to be an Army and not to get into how they conduct their business unless it will interfere with our mission objectives or place us in danger (because their were only two of us vs. their entire company).

I am going to make an educated guess and say that this was probably one of the things that affected how the SOF assigned to that area conducted their business.  My job was to teach them to be an effective fighting force, and part of that was to be how they treated their enemy.

But a couple times, I was staring down the barrel of my M4 with my back to my buddies trying to make my point about how prisoners are treated while the Afghans (more of them than me) stared down the barrel of their AK-47 trying to explain to me the way they deal with prisoners.  Tense moment in my military career for certain.

I could take up prodigious amounts of bandwidth comparing and contrasting tribal allegiances, Afghan politics, the need for SOF to balance tactical reality versus strategic goals or the changing political landscape of the USA in relation to our foreign policy as it relates to President Obama and this decision of his.

But this is not what this is about....

This isn't about getting the Afghans to search their souls and decide if they treated their enemies well.  Having worked with them and understanding their culture, they are not encumbered by many of the ethical dilemmas that our soldiers face when dealing with an enemy who is ruthless and does not share our respect for laws or regulations in the conduct of war.  And it isn't about finding blame either...

It is about the fact that Sonia Sotomayor starts her confirmation hearings today.  It is about his Health Care Nationalization program.  It is about the continued skyrocketing unemployment and dismal economic malaise that gets lightly skimmed by the Old Media everyday.

It is about "QUICK!!!  LOOK OVER THERE!!!" as the Chicken Littles of his administration try to distract attention from what their real goals are and try to seize more and more power. 

I am growing weary of his continued apology tour of how wrong we were to do whatever it was we were doing or not doing, all while he tries to pull the best sleight of hand he can to enact policies and programs that will change our country from the shining light of freedom to the world into a dismal socialist paradise where no one will be better off.

I know it is a pipe dream, but I need his National Security Team to concentrate on how we are going to recover from the EMP Burst from the Nork Nuke that is going to explode over Kansas or what our response is going to be when the Taliban seize control of Pakistan's Nukes.

This is more of the "David Copperfield" presidency that we do not need...