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The Shadow of Karma

The Teflon Don has a story that you need to read, and a link to a story that you also need to read even with the vile and disgusting comments that accompany it. 

Sgt. Nickle is why I hope we still have a justice system rather than a legal system.  Stalin, Hitler, and every other petty tyrant -- or large one a la King George III -- had or has a legal system.  There is a reason the founding fathers opted for a justice system. 

I also hope the quote attributed to the Chief of Police is inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise subject to poor reporting, because as reported it is nothing short of idiotic and portrays the chief as being unfit to lead any group. 

We need to do right by Sgt. Nickle, and to see that he is done right by the new system he now faces.  Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers now and in the days ahead.